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Gonzo Multiverse Review

Happy New Year! A super nice review of The Multiverse Ennui Can’t Last Forever came in this week from Gonzo (circus). It’s in Dutch, but here’s a partial translation in English:

“The whole album was completely improvised, but the duo knows very clearly what they are doing. Therefore, the two pieces (18 and 13 minutes) are surprising collages in which noise is not the main objective and which force careful listening while traveling on an exciting musical journey. . . . This cassette sounds like an experience and deserves more attention than it managed to acquire so far.”

Which reminds me that there’s another review from last year that I never posted. This one came from Merchants of Air:

“It constantly changes, mostly driving on one or a few drones. In fact, the only thing that remains a constant on this album, is the quality. This thing definitely comes highly recommended.”

They also referred to it as “elaborate audio-adventures”. Click here to listen/buy.

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