U.S. Update

Being in the US has been a big change for me. It has meant starting over again, making new connections.

I’ve played 10 shows so far this year. I want to thank Dylan Houser and Hal McGee for being the first to book me and for giving me an opportunity to meet the people of the Florida noise/experimental scene.

January 13: Nullis Pretii, Lakeland 

February 5: Uncle Lou’s (Pre-INC), Orlando (with Joel nobody, Thomas Milovac and Sean Doyle)

May 20: Apartment Music 29, Gainesville

June 16: The In-Between, Tampa (with Dylan Houser)

June 22: The Dining Room, Winter Park (with Shelby Radcliffe and Dan Reaves)

June 26: The Backroom at Shantytown Pub, Jacksonville (with Syoma Klochko and Sean Doyle)

July 16: The In-Between Series at Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando (with Harley Galeano and Danny Stagnitta + Unfade)

July 21: The Fork and Spoon, Panama City (with Joel nobody + Unfade)

July 22: 621 Annex, Tallahassee (with Joel nobody + Unfade)

August 4: The In-Between, Tampa (with Unfade)

I am looking forward to playing more shows and meeting more people to collaborate with!

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