Jonas Van den Bossche is a Belgian guitarist and drummer, formerly based in Estonia, now based in the United States. He explores music both through written songs and improvised playing.

Jonas embraces contradiction and change, which enables his improvised playing to flow seamlessly from noise to melody to silence and back. He has been exploring noise, free jazz, and improvised music on guitar and drums for well over a decade.

In recent years, Jonas has performed in Europe, Russia, and the U.S. with Karen Willems, Jean De Lacoste, Jef Mertens, Ilia Belorukov, Irakli Sanadiradze, Adam Goodwin, Ryosuke Kyasu, Tom Weeks, Will Soderberg, Gladys Harlow, Thomas Milovac, Sean Hamilton, Bonnie Kane, Juozas Milasius, Gaile Griciute, Jelena Glazova, Lauri Hyvarinen, Yuri Landman, Sigfried Burroughs, and Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson.

Jonas’s composed songs deal with the difficulties of change and persevering hope. The instrumentation is both romantic and sparse—primarily featuring guitar, violin or cello, and drums—giving the music a cinematic quality. Perhaps best described as beautiful songs for sad people – or sad songs for beautiful people, Jonas’s songwriting and melodies paw at the listener’s emotional core.

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