The multiverse ennui can’t last forever


“Highly original though not recommended for the faint of heart.” –Salt Peanuts

“the recording of the ‘one session’ goes deep inside twisted and gnarly creation, but can hang back and snake here and there uncommitted and free and tempting. put it all together and you get bang-for-yr-buck destructive chaos with purpose and light winds blowing in a few different directions in a liquid-sounding disseminating sprawl.” –Rotational Review

“It’s like Mario and Luigi having an internal conversation among brothers and expressing it through artistic moving ways.” –Yeah I Know It Sucks

“…an exciting musical journey. . . . This cassette sounds like an experience and deserves more attention than it managed to acquire so far.” –Gonzo (circus)

“[T]he only thing that remains a constant on this album, is the quality. This thing definitely comes highly recommended.” –Merchants of Air

Isolated somewhere out in space is a room containing an observer, A, who is about to perform a measurement. After performing his measurement, he will record the result in his notebook. A believes that the outcome of his measurement is undetermined. In the meantime, however, there is another observer, B, outside the room, who is in possession of the description of the entire room — including the measuring apparatus, A, and the notebook — just prior to the measurement. B is only interested in what will be found in the notebook one week hence, so he computes the description of the room for one week in the future. One week passes, and we find B still in possession of the description of the room, which he believes to be a complete assessment of the room and its contents. If B’s calculation tells beforehand exactly what is going to be in the notebook, then A is incorrect in his belief about the indeterminacy of the outcome of his measurement. At this point, B opens the door to the room and looks at the notebook. Having observed the notebook entry, he turns to A and informs him in a patronizing manner that since he (B) possessed the complete description of the room and its contents for that present moment, the result must have been decided only when B entered the room — so that A, his notebook entry, and his memory about what occurred one week ago had no independent objective existence until the intervention by B. In short, B implies that A owes his present objective existence to B’s generous nature which compelled him to intervene on his behalf. However, to B’s consternation, A does not react with anything like the respect and gratitude he should exhibit towards B, and at the end of a somewhat heated reply, in which A conveys in a colorful manner his opinion of B and his beliefs, he rudely punctures B’s ego by observing that if B’s view is correct, then he has no reason to feel complacent, since the whole present situation may have no objective existence, but may depend upon the future actions of yet another observer, C.

We invite your future actions.

The multiverse ennui can’t last forever
First release by impro duo
Jonas Van den Bossche & Benne Dousselaere

Release date: 26/03/2016
Out on cassette & digital
Silken Tofu – Stx 42

Listening + digital download:

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Track listing:
Side A: Antiquark 17:51
Side B: Supersymmetry 13:22

The album was recorded in one session on 20/02/2015 in Ghent, Belgium. Mixed and mastered by Jonas Van den Bossche and Benne Dousselaere.

Cover art by fade theory