New Album: Cheap Heat Vol. 3

I’ve got a new split album out! Fork and Spoon Records recently released Cheap Heat Vol. 3, by me and guitarist Joel Switzer. And it’s a free download.

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Distant Light, Super Marquee

Today is the release date for Distant Light, Super Marquee: Live at Nabaklab – a live cassette and digital release by me and Jelena Glazova on the Trash Can Dance label. You can order the tape or buy the digital album (or just have a listen) on Bandcamp. Listen below! Distant Light, Super Marquee: Live […]

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New Videos

In February, I travelled to Finland. It wasn’t my first time there, but it was my first time to perform in Helsinki and Turku.

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I have a sound work called Strayed that will be part of The Perennial Gale exhibition that opens on Thursday in Tallinn, Estonia.

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the multiverse ennui cover

New Album!

The multiverse ennui can’t last forever is the first release by impro duo Jonas Van den Bossche & Benne Dousselaere. Out now on cassette & digital from Silken Tofu.

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thomas betsens and jonas van den bossche youtube

nearly nine minutes of noise

The report I received from Jonas after his show with Thomas Betsens on Saturday was “I had fun.” I’m glad someone posted a video so I could see/hear what really happened.

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